• 3D Modeling, Simulation, and Character Animation.

    VFX services for Film, TV, and Commercials is our passion. We specialize in digital animation, character creation, and FX simulation.

  • Compositing

    Live action and CGI integration, camera tracking, rotoscoping, set extensions, wire and object removal, matte painting.

  • Previz and Virtual Production

    Real time virtual production and previz services, including post-viz to refine shots for VFX. We also create pitch-viz animation to help filmmakers present their film in development to studios and producers in order to secure financing.

  • Camera Tracking and Virtual Set Reconstruction

    We offer on-site location survey, and/or complex camera tracking services to seamlessly integrate CG elements into live action plates.

  • Scientific and Medical Visualization

    3D and 2D motion graphics animations and simulations for the medical, technical, and medical industries.

  • Stereoscopic 3D

    We offer full Stereo compositing, animation, and rendering. Other stereo services include left and right eye alignment, color calibration and convergence adjustment.

  • Motion Graphics, Titles, and Design

    From 3D complex animation to 2D designs, our team can handle any motion graphic project from film opening credits to commercials.

  • TheShowdown VFX Featurette

    Watch a behind the scene look at the visual affects realized for the award winning film The Showdown.