False Memory Syndrome — post-production


Shot in California, Arizona and New Mexico, FMS tells the story of Chris Norton, a provocative documentary filmmakers looking to debunk the alien abduction phenomenon. For pictures form the shoot and up to date news on the film, be sure to like our Facebook Page.



While shooting a documentary to expose the lies of alien abductees, a provocative filmmaker and his crew encounter a young woman with a dark secret, who leads them to uncover a disturbing truth.

The Chiller Room — in development



The CURSE — in development



We are currently in advanced development of our suspense-thriller feature ‘THE CURSE.” We are also working on extensive previz, conceptual artwork, visiting locations, and assembling our crew.


While stealing artifacts from the King Tut exhibition at a museum, a group of thieves struggles for their lives as a terrible curse is unleashed upon them.


Nancy Nayor imdb

Gordon Bijelonic imdb
Rebecca Berrih imdb


Fulvio Sestito imdb
Rebecca Berrih imdb
Fizaa Dosani imdb

Composer (in talks):
Don Davis imbd

Editor (in talks):
Zach Staenberg imbd

Sound design:
Tim Gedmer imdb

Please note that because the film is in production the website is password protected. Contact us if you are an industry professional and would like more info on the project.


BEHIND THE GATE — in development


A supernatural-thiller, “Behind the Gate” aka BTG, is currently planned as our second feature production. It is written by the Sestito Bros. and it has been developed in collaboration with a major production company at Warner Bros Studios. The Sestito Bros are attached to direct and produce for a possible 2013 production start.

Please note that because the film is in production the website is password protected. Contact us if you are an industry professional and would like more info on the project.

The Showdown

Technically first rate. – Leonard Maltin
A great film. – Dante Spinotti

thumbnailShowcased at over 40 film festivals world-wide and winner of 16 prestigious awards, “The Showdown” is an action-drama about a confrontation between a batter and pitcher during the last inning of a baseball game juxtaposed against a deadly duel against two gunslingers in the old west. Written, directed, and produced by the Sestito Bros., The Showdown was envisioned in collaboration with John L. Mazzarella when the three met at UCLA film school. Intended as a quick high-concept project to be shot over a weekend, the film escalated into a huge production that spanned over several moths of hard work. The film became very successful at film festivals and marked the start of a collaboration between the Sestito Bros. and producing partner John L. Mazzarella.

15 minutes. Shot in 35mm film and transferred in HD

2 Scoops of Love

thumbnailShowcased at 18 film festivals world-wide and winner of 7 prestigious awards, “2 Scoops of Love” is a romantic comedy, that shows how ice cream makes people happier, makes them smile and even….fall in love. The film is directed by France native Rebecca Berrih who began her own production company, France based (SR Images) in 2001. From 2001 to 2006, Rebecca produced, directed and edited a variety of short film, movie trailers… Relocating in Los Angeles in 2007, she is now fully versed in both English and French and can produce, edit and direct productions equally well in both languages.

Rebecca was very excited to work on “2 Scoops of Love” with the Sestito Brothers and the all ExP team, and co-wrote the script with Fulvio Sestito.

4 minutes. The film was shot in 16 mm.